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Parts made by AINDE for your car


AINDE is a company founded is 1984, born with the aim of covering the needs in terms of material electrical of the growing sector of the automotive industry. Their facilities currently have a surface area of more than 4000 square metres although in its infancy, it is already 30 years old began in a small local in the city of Valencia.

The current headquarters is located in Picanya, the current facilities have a very high level of modernization, with a logistics system semi-automated, that allows to meet the expectations and needs of their customers.

His main activity is based in the electrical machines, particularly alternators and starter motors (starter), with a catalogue that now includes the amazing amount of 4000 different references, with an involvement that includes nearly all of the requirements of the automotive market, which represents 80% of the fleet, tourism, vehicles, heavy machinery and marine industries.

Their most important market is in Europe, and its policy of growth leads them to expand in a way a quasi-continuous basis, asserting itself as a leader in the manufacture and distribution of alternators and starter or starter motors.