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Parts made by BENDIX for your car


Bendix Commercial Vehicle System, a member of the Knorr-Bremse group, and a leader in the technology of brakes, has established the security parameters in the industry for the systems of control and charging of air brakes in commercial vehicles from 80 years ago. Today Bendix puts his efforts in developing advanced security technologies.

With over 2000 employees and a pioneer in the industry, Bendix has the solutions to improve the performance, security and operational cost to total your vehicle. The facilities of the Bendix advanced manufacturing, located in Huntington, Ind., Bowling Green, Ky. And Wedges, they are the centers of manufacturing excellence. It is in these centers where we produce components for air brake most original in the industry.

Bendix is the OEM supplier of integrated systems and components of air brakes. As the company works with the entire system, provides efficient operation and trouble-free in all of the groups of related products such as compressors, valves, systems, stability, ABS, air dryers, systems for driving assistance, .

Has a fundamental role among the first industries of air brake systems. Currently from the company Knorr-Bremse are developed products to meet standards more demanding and sophisticated in engineering at a global level.