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Parts made by BOSCH for your car


Robert Bosch GmbH is a company of germans founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, industrial engineer and inventor, was born in 1861. With more than 260 plants, 250 delegations and more than 260,000 workers distributed throughout the world.

The company includes several branches of work, distribution of parts and systems in the automotive industry, manufacturing, consumer goods, engineering service providers in the industry of the construction sector, security technology and packaging.

In 2010, the company had a turnover of about by 47,500 million euros, with an annual growth rate of 27%, in 2004, Robert Bosch GmbH was 17th on the list of Top 20 Winners of Patents in the united States, with 907 new patents.

In the branch of the company Technique to spare parts of automobile, Automotive Aftermarket organised, with approximately 14,000 employees around the world, the logistics and the sale of spare parts to automobile and workshop equipment, plus a technical service for products and systems related to the car.