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Parts made by CASTROL for your car


Castrol is a british brand of industrial lubricants and automotive offer a wide range of oils, greases and similar products at the global level for most lubrication applications. Burmah-Castrol was acquired by BP in 2000 and the brand Castrol became part of the Group of Companies of BP, an oil and gas company multinational uk based in London.

Castrol offers lubricants for virtually all domestic applications, commercial and industrial. For the lubrication of the car (including motorcycles 2 and 4 times times, gasoline and diesel engines), their products include a wide range of transmission fluids, manual and automatic, coolants, fluids, suspension, brake fluids, greases, cleaning products and maintenance products. Castrol also produces products for agricultural machinery, machinery, general industry and uses the naval engineering.

Castrol Products include for passenger cars: Edge, Magnatec, Syntec and GTX less commonly, XL, GTD, Formula RS, Synt and SLX. For motorcycles: POWER1, PowerRS and Activ, less commonly, TT, TTS, GP, GPS, and for heavy-duty vehicles: Elixion, Enduron, Hypuron, protection, CRB, Agri and RX Super, for ships: Cyltech and TLX Plus, and for industrial applications: Hyspin (hydraulic), Aircol (compressors) and Alpha (industrial engines).

Castrol: “it Is something more than oil. It's liquid Engineering” is the advertising slogan or punchline of Castrol, used mainly for branding its products of engine oil. Castrol products are still marketed under the color scheme of red, white and green, dates from the launch of the engine oil Castrol in the year 1909. The ad oil Castrol historically featured the slogan "Castrol - liquid engineering", which is updated and re-introduced as, more recently, "Is something more than oil, is the engineering of the liquid."