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Parts made by CORTECO for your car


CORTECO is a manufacturer of spare parts for car leader in the field of sealing and anti-vibration, also offer products like cabin air filters. Articles Freudenberg are considered replacement first-team in the market of original spare parts. Considered one of the leading suppliers of spare parts of quality, orignal, with a catálgo which covers more than 19,000 articles.

The group Freudenberg has a workforce with more than 33,000 employees in 55 countries, and is one of the manufacturers most recognized brands such as Simmering or Micronair.

CORTECO has a total of 15 centres distributed across Europe, Asia and South america in addition to having access to the 57 plants of the group introduced all over the world.The products CORTECO benefit from a high technical development, which is evident in the new pulleys of crankshaft, the pulley increases the durability of the strap, as well as the elements driven by this. This results in an improvement of comfort, and a remarkable decrease in the production of noise.Some of the products featured within the catalogue CORTECO are engine mount, bushings, undercarriage, bracket, transmission, bushings, centering and support of the couple.