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Parts made by KYB for your car


From almost a century ago, KYB is specialized in hydraulics, with technology widely used in the industries of aerospace, railway and maritime.

KYB is one of the most important suppliers of shock absorbers to global vehicle manufacturers. More than one million shock absorbers out of their facilities every week. KYB Europe provides a team of similar quality to the original customers of the channel aftermarket. The headquarters of KYB Europe is located in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The group KYB, with 11.400 employees around the world, bill 2,600 million dollars, of which 60% comes from sales of shock absorbers to the own vehicle manufacturers.

it Has 15 factories in Asia, Europe and the united States. KYB has the largest factory of shock absorbers in the world (Japan), with a capacity of more than 50 million pieces, and a highly automated system that manages to produce a column of suspension in so only 15 seconds.

KYB produces equipment for many varied applications, and often unique, combining hydraulics with electronics, control, pneumatics and a range of other technologies - new technologies that open new markets to contribute to the future.

KYB trucks concrete mixers have a reputation throughout the world. The pneumatic technology is used for the transport of cement, lime and other granular materials. The manufacturing techniques of drum traditional are being used for the manufacture of environment-friendly products.