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Parts made by PIERBURG for your car


Pierburg SA is a company founded during the year 1957 by the families Leceta and Irigoyen. It currently has a headquarters located in Abadiano, Vizcaya, and form part of the group Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG.

Pierburg took his first steps with the manufacturing of carburetors, depressants for equipment brake license Pierburg carburetors of motorcycle, and industrial engines under license Fritz Hintermayr and fuel pumps with license Sofabex.

In the year 1993, with the implementation of the standard european environmental Euro 2, the car manufacturers were left to implement systems of carburation in engines employing fuel-injection systems. Pierburg SA discontinued carburetors to start the manufacture of components for the automotive industry as it continues to do today.

it Currently manufactures components for the reduction of pollutant emissions, air supply and brake systems employed in the automotive industry and is a provider of a large part of the car manufacturers present in the market.

The products most in demand of the brand are the EGR valves Piergurg, valves, ARVS and the vacuum pumps Pierburg.

Pierburg AG offers individual systems, modules and components for air supply, lubrication and cooling through its 9 plants distributed throughout the world. Innovation is one of its main pillars, using her work to make a decisive contribution in the decrease of the fuel consumption and emissions of engines of vehicles, improving their performance.