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Parts made by ROADHOUSE for your car


a leading Company in the manufacturing of brake components for the automotive industry. With over 40 years of experience, the company is located at the front of the aftermarket european, with a consolidated position and with advanced technological methods in the industry of friction, complying with the parameters required by the manufacturers of vehicles made available exclusively to the independent market.

Inside the range of products it sells include the production of brake pads, with a production of 25 million games per year, encompassing a wide range that covers the uses and applications european, american, japanese, Korean, and australian with more than 2000 references, with different levels of finish.

The manufacturing of the brake discs has placed the company in a high standard, associated technologically with the largest manufacturer of disk asian for the market of spare parts, offers a program of discs to the height of the demands of the market. Provide a wide range, which covers 99% of the park european.

as to the shoes, Roadhouse has a range of more than 500 references, cover a large part of the vehicles, european, american and asian. The shoe's Roadhouse leads to a metal support subjected to a process of coating high strength that you bestow to the piece a great protection against corrosion.

in Addition these products may be accompanied by a variety of accessories, such as the kit of regulation and cam brake. Both the innovative design and quality, show an attractive product that distinguishes itself from the other manufacturers.