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Parts made by SACHS for your car


Brand belonging to the ZF group, under its name are manufactured and distributed high quality products, mainly shock absorbers and clutches.

The first patent registered by Sachs was in the year 1984 and was the impetus for establishing a joint venture, founded during 1895 by Ernst Sachs and Karl Fichtel, under the name of “Schweinfurter Pracisions-Kugellager-Werke Fichtel & Sachs” the company that today is ZF Sachs AG. Your approach driven by the market, combined with the quality of the products, brought quick success.

Within the history of the brand and the company can highlight important innovations and techniques developed, among them in 1903 the introduction of “torpedo” axle free wheel for bicycles. From 1929 the company experienced an expansion of activities in the field of automotive engines, clutches, and shock absorbers. In the subsequent decades, opened their first branches in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

During 1997, Changed the name of Fichtel and Sachs AG to Mannesmann Sachs AG. Focus on the automotive business and opened new subsidiaries in Argentina, Mexico and the U.S. A year later inaugurate new production plants in Mexico, China and Turkey. Continuing with the expansion process in 2006 made the opening of a factory in Levice, Slovakia, for the production of suspension components and in the 2008 opening of the first plant of european production of hybrid modules in Schweinfurt. In the year of the 2011 Sachs will merge with ZF Friedrichshafen AG.