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Parts made by STABILUS for your car


a Company dedicated primarily to manufacturing equipment and hydraulic steel structures. World market leader in gas springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. In its beginnings, during the year 1962, introduced the first gas spring in the world manufactured in series, this product has been manufactured until today more than 2 million units.

it Has a wide sales network on a global scale, with nine production sites in Europe, the united States, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Korea and China. The applications of the products Stabilus are constantly on the increase thanks to the compact design, the high comfort of operation and the safety in its handling.

they Have a wide catalogue of products, employees in the automotive industry, in furniture, chairs, medical technology and rehabilitation, transportation and traffic, caravans, agricultural machinery or construction, mechanical engineering, and other applications.

Stabilus started very early and consistently to meet the requirements of the most effective for the environmental protection, because the ecology and the environment are part of the concept of product quality that they present. Also, one of the principles of the company to develop products that respect the environment, and to produce, market and dispose of waste in an ecological way.

Among the most recent innovations and relevance are, on the one hand, the development of the first retainer door hydraulic and functioning gradual for the automotive industry and the Powerise, to open and close the door of the trunk and the hood of all types of automobiles, is the result of the development of the springs to gas and displays the way the era of electronics.