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Parts made by VALEO for your car


industrial Group of French origin, founded approximately during the year 1923 by Ignacio Espartero, in its beginnings, began with the production of brake pads and clutch plates. A few years later, started with the manufacturing of clutches full. Towards the beginning of the second world war owned most of the patents of clutches.

At present the group is principally engaged in the design, production, sale and after-sales of components for utility vehicles and industrial. It is one of the world's largest suppliers of auto spare, today is the official dealer of Mitsubishi in the rally Paris Dakar.

Manufacturer of parts for customers, original equipment, Valeo Service also has a sector dedicated to the activity and marketing in the sector of the automotive aftermarket, organized in two branches, one dedicated to the independent spare parts (dealers, repairers and autocentros), which is organized by countries (France, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Brazil and Benelux), and another branch dedicated to the replacement of builders.

Valeo sells a wide range of products and effective services (catalogues, marketing tools, training and diagnostic tools) for dealerships, car, spare parts distributors and independent repairers. Manufacture parts and spare parts within most of the categories of the components of the vehicle, the most important are lighting, thermal system of the engine, clutches, air-conditioning in commercial vehicles, radiators, filters and parts of the body.