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Parts made by WABCO for your car


The origin of the company dates back more than 140 years of the invention of the system of air brakes by George Westinghouse in 1869. That same year, he founded Westinghouse Air Brake Company Westinghouse (WABCO). Throughout the TWENTIETH century is expanded beyond railway technology to progress pioneers in the commercial vehicle industry in Europe and North America

a Leader in the production and distribution of technologies and control systems for the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles. A pioneering company in technologies of mechanical, mechatronic and electronic automation systems for braking, stability and transmission of trucks, buses and trailers.

Among the innovations most relevant to your story you can mention, during the 1981 production of the anti-lock braking system, five years later, in 1986, developed its first air suspension with electronic control system (ECAS), in this same year launched the first automated manual transmission. In 1996 manufactured the braking system is electronic and in 2001, their first system of electronic stability control. Year after year, the company will foster innovation and the development of new technologies, incorporating new products to the market or improving their own productions. In 2007, carry out the production of the system of mitigation of collision First with active braking and a year after the system of emergency braking autonomous (AEBS), in the last years present the first adaptive cruise control in a commercial vehicle in China (in 2011), and in 2012 the first system of electronic braking (EBS) for trucks and buses-hybrid driven. This same year developed the first hydraulic system anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic stability control (ESC).

WABCO supports the commercial vehicle industry through a wide range of after sales services. Through a global network of service partners, diagnostic capabilities, advanced services, fleet management, solutions, remanufacturing, and training programs.