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Parts made by WAHLER for your car


With the grant of the first patent in 1928 for the "thermostatic control of the cooling circuit of internal combustion engines", Wahler lays the foundation for the creation of the company, now in the present it has become a company that draws its power of innovation of its own research and development.

Research and Development is one of its largest departments, with an investment that is far higher than the average of the industry sector. Wahler has banks own test of engines of the latest design which allow not only the development of products in question. The basic research in the field of thermodynamics is only possible through these facilities. Therefore, the mission for the future is clear: research and development to ensure and expand the foundation of our success in this way in Wahler continue to help shape the breakthrough technologies in the field of the temperature and the management of the exhaust gases.

The products Wahler invariably found on or near the engine. Therefore, they have to be insensitive to both the thermal radiation of the engine, as well as to the high temperatures of the coolant. Therefore, the products Wahler are designed to meet active and totally reliable in its tasks in all temperature conditions:

Wahler thermostats specifically regulate the temperature of the cooling circuits (fuel, water, oil and air).

Wahler valves and damper control as components of systems of recirculation of exhaust gas, the forms and amounts of flow of exhaust gas.

Wahler lines make numerous connections with the engine manufacture for the transport of cooling and lubrication fluid or hot exhaust gases.

product features Wahler have a direct impact on the performance and useful life of the engine. Therefore, it guarantees the highest quality of their products. This applies to the functional characteristics, as well as for the quality of the material used and to all stages of the production.