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Parts made by WALKER for your car


Company a leader in emissions control products, now offers a complete line of solutions-escape world-class, from the engine to the exhaust pipe. Walker is a trademark of Tenneco and is a provider of automobile manufacturers and the market of spare parts.

it Has a large catalog, they offer complete solutions for system of anti-pollution, oxygen sensors, pipes and silent, silent and auxiliary catalysts. The company recorded activity since the beginning of the TWENTIETH century but it was not until 1932 when Walker patented the that would be the first innovation of engineering, the muffler tube apersianado, development that gave Walker his reputation as a leader in the industry.

In 1953 he introduced the first muffler, aluminized steel, added camera control special sound called “tuned individually” their silencers for original equipment. Walker introduced later, the “fine tuning”, which took into account the increase in horsepower, automatic transmissions and higher compressions.

During 1962 were introduced the devices of the crankcase, the predecessors of the catalytic converters of today.

In 1969, Tenneco Inc. bought the Walker Manufacturing Company.

During 1987 they released their famous line of exhaust products, high-performance Ynomax, which consists of a wide range of silencers in stainless steel direct-fit and universal mounting.

it also Offers a full line of accessories.

Have a policy of development and innovation that allows them to introduce improvements and new technological solutions to the wide variety of products they offer today. In 2012, Walker develops and launches its new range of filter particles.