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Parts made by WIX FILTERS for your car


Since 1939 WIX Filters has been an innovator in the manufacturing of filters. Wix manufactures, designs and distributes filters of all kinds for the automotive, industry, agriculture and special uses. These products filter have multiple lines such as oil, air, cabin, or fuel.

When it comes to aftermarket , quality is everything. Fit and function should be as good or better than the specifications of the original equipment. Less is unacceptable for replacement parts that not only affect the vehicle's performance and longevity, but also the safety of the passengers.

quality is built into all of our products, originating with research and development through manufacturing best practices, quality control tests and evaluations on the performance on the road. Our engineers validate continuously the quality of the audit of the daily production and testing in our facilities.

Our commitment to product improvement and continuous process is affirmed by our support of quality certifications recognized internationally. Our plants adhere strictly to the specifications of the technical products internal , as well as the standards of the norm ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 9001, original equipment manufacturers and SAE.

We have formed strategic partnerships around the world to offer our customers the best quality and the largest number of offers in competitive price possible. If it comes from a plant from green-field in Eastern Europe or a joint venture in Asia , we keep constantly the same high standards to all the products from our portfolio of leading brands in the industry.

People Wix all over the world share a relentless commitment to quality. Our goal is to raise customer expectations for fit, form and function , cost and service to a level where Wix is the only company that can compete.

Regardless of the language, our message is clear : if it is supplied by Wix , it's the best that you can buy.